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Image by Nixx Studio

Art Therapy and Other
Creative Healing Practices to get you back to your authentic self 

Logo Drawing of figure holding pink and purple paint palette and paint brush, bending over to the side, using art therapy to express her identity
Image of Anna smiling and sitting at her table in her art studio with water color pencils and tarot cards in front of her
Anna sitting at a table in her art therapy studio with art materials around her and the king of cups tarot card symbolizing self care and being a caregiver to others at the same time


My name is Anna (my pronouns are she, her). I am a licensed art therapist, a queer identifying wife, mother of two, and grateful kidney transplant recipient. 

In my private practice, located in Western New York, I am honored to be able to offer a variety of services, including individual and group therapy sessions, energy healing sessions, consultation and peer supervision groups, as well as non-clinical support groups,  open studio gatherings and workshops. 

I am an eclectic clinician, meaning I use a combination of various techniques, such as: traditional psychotherapy, art therapy, Internal Family Systems, polyvagal theory, meditation practice, reiki healing, energy medicine body work, and Soul tarot.  ​

Overall, I specialize in helping people to slow down, connect more deeply to their intuition, creativity, and inner desires. I help my clients begin living life more fully, authentically, and without fear or shame.

Please take a look around at the services I offer and reach out with any questions you might have!

I look forward to connecting!

Current Offerings